Five Weeks into Weight-Loss

So I’m about 5 weeks into the weight-loss, maybe 6 weeks, it’s really too early in the morning to figure it out.  But this mornings weigh-in put me at 244.5 lbs. for a total loss of 18 pounds so far.  Which I am happy with.  I have started to tweak things a bit.  After looking at my daily macro levels, I felt I just wasn’t getting enough protein and my carbs, while within range, could be lower.   So I have started making a few changes.  I’ve cut back on the intermittent fasting and started having a few eggs and a single piece of Ezekiel toast in the morning.  Then I am having a protein bar (or something similar) each day but splitting it up and doing half in the mid-morning and half in the afternoon.  That is making it a bit easier to hit the protein mark which I was finding hard to do with the intermittent fasting.

One big change I’ve noticed is that I am not enjoying eating the way I used to.  It is hard to eat healthy (and semi-kosher) when you go out to restaurants and I end up feeling guilty for having spent money on something that just isn’t as good as what I could have done at home.  While my wife and I enjoy taking a break from cooking and cleaning, I’m just not sure it’s worth it.  The other thing I’ve noticed is that the quick packaged foods we used to eat a lot of are kind of grossing me out.  We are fans of Trader Joe’s and used to eat a lot of the packaged foods from there (like Mandarin Orange Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice) but they just don’t do it for me anymore.  I want fresh, whole foods that are not processed.  And I really dislike eating meals that don’t include a lot of vegetables.

Of course, those are good healthy changes within me, but to be quite frank, they caught me a bit off guard.  The last few times I have tried to make major lifestyle changes and get into shape, I never had the appetite changes that I am seeing now.  But I feel that a more positive outlook will produce more positive outcomes that are long-term and life altering for the best, rather than just being some temporary diet that ends up with more weight gain when I stop.  I’ve also found, quite contrary to the naysayers, that it is not more expensive to eat healthy, just a bit more work.  It takes more planning and maybe less variety from meal to meal, but I feel so much better from one day to the next.  So let’s keep going.