My Weight Loss Goal

The day I am writing this I weighed in at 262.5 pounds. At 6 feet even, that puts me about 75 pounds overweight. So my initial goal is to start dropping weight on a regular basis every week and aim for 190 pounds, give or take.  Now this will change as I get closer to my goal, since I want to start lifting heavy again and get back into shape.  Obviously, this would change my ideal weight goal, but for now let’s just say I am aiming for 190.

Now here is how I approach this.  Bare minimum, I want to loose .5 lbs (1/2 lb.) per week.  I weigh myself every Sunday morning, if I have not lost at least a half pound from the previous week, then my self-imposed punishment will be to fast for the entire day and not eat again until Monday during my regularly scheduled eating period.  So what does this do?  Obviously it creates a motivator for me not to cheat excessively during the week, or if I do, to compensate for it elsewhere in the week, whether it be through increased exercise or decreased calorie consumption.  However, while I set the 1/2 pound mark as my bare minimum, my target is 1.5 to 2 pounds per week of weight loss, though I will not be sad if I see slightly less or slightly more.  And in fact, I actually expect to see some fluctuation up and down.  As long as the overall rate is a steady decline I will be quite happy.

Ideally, that means that with a weight loss of 1.5 pounds per week, I will hit my target weight in 50 weeks, less than a year.  Sounds like a long time.  But realistically it isn’t.  It takes a long time to develop healthy habits and to break old ones.  After all, I have spent decades putting this weight on, decades making poor health decisions; taking a single year to correct all of that and drastically improve the second half of my life should be well worth it.  Of course, I could get lucky and have some periods with additional weight loss accelerating the time line.  On the flip side, there could also be some weeks without any weight loss, offsetting gains.

Some of my initial basic targets are:

  • 6 August 2018 – 256 pounds
  • 7 October 2018 –  244 pounds
  • 6 January 2019 – 226 pounds

We will see.